About Me

 Hmmm where to start.... I am eccentric, loving, a tad insane, fun, unpredictable. I'm kind, I try not to be cruel to those who are undeserving of the wrath of Kaitlin. I love. I laugh. I joke. I gossip. And I absolutely LOATHE wasps. I have many faults, but I'm strange in the fact that I love each and every one of them and wouldn't let any piece of them leave me forever. I am who I was made to be and I don't change for petty reasons, but absolutely can change for reasons that may better myself. If I personally see it that way. With that being said. I'd like to add a quick not explaining my stance on "change": I welcome, adapt well to and love change as long as I feel the change is healthy to myself and to my family and friends.

Rob, or as I obnoxiously like to call him Robbie Bear, is my other half. The amount of crap that he puts up with to maintain a relationship with me is insane. I would have left my ass a long time ago! He's incredibly kind-hearted, thoughtful, goofy and HILARIOUS.


I have two children, Caden being the oldest @ 8 and Asa the youngest almost @ 4! They are two of the most  raddest kids you'll ever meet or hear about. Caden is an artist. I frequently post his work under the 'family' tab of my blog and Asa is destined to be an athlete. They couldn't be more different, yet more the same. They are both shy at times, incredibly goofy and sweet little cuddlers that love with their whole hearts! They are my angels. My Everything!!!

This is Jagger. I love him. He is completely codependent and ridiculously goofy. HIs hobbies include: whining, ripping possums off the fence, popping bubbles and attempting to rape me at every chance he gets.