Thursday, March 20, 2014

Monkey Business

So Asa is normally a big, huge wuss so I felt compelled to blog about what a brave lil dude my little man has become. We were visiting Port Aransas for Spring Break a few days ago and while we were walking the strand going to all the shops that unfortunately had the EXACT same merchandise, Asa screamed in glee at a shop across the street that had a massive shark in front of it. This thing was seriously MASSIVE. Check it out!


At this particular shop, I forget the name as they all are basically the same shop with a slightly different exterior, there was a man outside with two macaws. Asa wanted his picture. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, "okay son, you do that".... I KNEW my kid would freak out the second one touched him and run out of the shabby lil hut screaming, possibly missing a finger. But to my pleasant surprise, Asa pet the birds, held them and pet their tummies and eventually posed for a picture BY HIMSELF with both birds perched on either arm. See below.

He looks terrified, doesn't he? I should be ashamed of myself. This is a perfect example of one of those moments we parents have when we realize our children are not babies anymore and maybe it's us, the parents, that are terrified. And maybe, just maybe we hold them back using their fears as a reason when in reality, it is our own fears that keep them from experiencing new and beautiful things. I'm so happy he got up there and took this picture. I'll have this to treasure FOREVER.

On a lighter note, the quirky fellow that owns these beauties also had a monkey until a year or so ago this happened... to an unsuspecting cop..


Poor lil  April is no longer allowed to take pictures on the strand!

Monday, March 17, 2014


I sure wish I left for Rockport yesterday as I had originally planned as this is turning out to be the most terrifying night EVER. So, I'm sleeping all peacefully, dreaming about being interviewed on TV and wake up dying from thirst. <---- That pretty much happens on a nightly basis. So I get back in my bed with my deliciously cold, refreshing ice water, take a gulp and settle back into my pillow. I start to drift off, but am awoken by some interview going on in an unknown area of my house. Of course, I freeze until the fact that Jagger is currently not ripping an intruders throat out finally soaks in. I decide to investigate and find the light in my study has been turned on, the locked screen saver on my computer has been unlocked, a YouTube video is playing and my obnoxious furby that I BEGGED Rob for, is talking insanely like it's usual possessed self. After seeing all this, I ran back to my bed, got under my covers and decided to write this book on FB and hopefully terrify everyone else. Oh and did I mention this all happened in the 3 o'clock hour, commonly known as the "devil's hour". Oh, and another fun fact, my ouiji board is in that desk drawer. My pile for the burn pit has now grown exponentially. Imma need a priest over here ASAP! WAH!