Friday, September 30, 2011

the perfect pink

Sooooo... My sister-in-law Mel introduced me to the most amazing nail polish color EVER. It is the absolute perfect pink. We spent months fighting over it. She wanted to use my bottle to paint her nails for the wedding and I turned into a selfish, crazed greedy monster! But I let her have it and of course after begging, I got my baby back. OPI Chapel of Love is the polish I speak of ladies. It may not be in sale at stores anymore, but you can get your pretty little fingers on this bottle at Amazon for a discounted price of 3.99! Any of you ladies that are dying to find that perfect shade of pink, look no further. 
Go to Amazon today and STOCK up! Happy Polishing! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the shade if you decide to when you purchase it! <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

best advice for people pleasers

Hi, my name is Kaitlin and I am a people pleaser. I am the first to apologize for something that I didn't do or for things that definitely don't require the word "sorry". I once got into an accident and ran out of my car yelling apologies to the person who ran the red light and hit me. I say "sorry" more than I use the word "the". I am constantly saying yes to things I don't want to do and most of the time I find myself doing things I don't really want to do. I'm so concerned with how others view me and trying to force people to like me that I find myself constantly stressed out and worried over shit I cannot change. So the other day when I was venting to the hubs AGAIN about some insignificant person or problem, he told me this: "There will always be some people who just don't like you, no matter what you do or how hard you try." This simple statement blew me away for some reason. The first words out of my mouth were "How the HELL can someone not like ME?!" Then I realized I had a serious problem... I was sincerely appalled by my reaction to this statement and have since then decided I needed a change so I set some rules for myself.
  1. The term "sorry" will only be used when I need to apologize for something I have done wrong.
  2. If I do not want to do something, I will simply say no.
  3. If I have a problem or take offense to something someone says, I will be prompt, direct and kind when I confront them.
  4. I will not talk ugly about people behind their backs.
  5. I will not just agree with someone to avoid an argument. Instead, I will kindly disagree and LISTEN fully to what the other has to say.

Friday, September 16, 2011

a big ass batch of hatch

Ahhh yes.... Hatch season is upon us once again!!! I absolutely LOVE this time of year and to celebrate I will be hosting the 2nd Annual Chile Relleno FIESTA!  Everyone always wants to know how I make them so I thought it would be a good idea to post a step-by-step tutorial while I prepare this year's batch! So for starters, I make them "El Paso" or southwest style which means I use Hatch anaheim peppers and stuff them which cheese only! No poblanos stuffed with meat for me! *vomit* *GAG* *vomit*

Here's what you need:
  • 20 Hatch Anaheim peppers
  • 1 carton of extra large eggs
  • 1 pkg. depending on size of peppers of Mexican melting cheese
  • 1 medium size bottle of Canola Oil
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • 3 inch or more deep skillet
  • A hand held or table top mixer
  • baking sheet
  • 1 large paper bag

 STEP ONE: Roast 'em

Place peppers on the baking sheet. Turn on the broiler and stick them under it turning the peppers every few minutes. Once the peppers are blackened all over. Remove them immediately and put them in a large paper bag and close it up tightly and let them steam for about 15 or 20 minutes.

STEP TWO: Peel 'em

Carefully remove the peppers from the bag. Gently peel the skin off. If they were roasted correctly, the skin should just come right off. There is always going to be peppers that have a few bits and pieces of skin left on them so no need to be a super perfectionist about the peeling. Do not remove the stems of seeds!! The stem makes it easier to fry and the seeds are the best part! :)

STEP THREE: Stuff 'em

Cut strips of cheese sized to fit in the peppers. Make a slit with a knife on the top of the chile near the stem. Make sure the slit is large enough to stuff cheese in it. TIP: Cut a wedge on one end of the cheese to help guide the cheese in with out ripping the chile meat. Once all the chiles are stuffed, sprinkle powder all over them and set them aside.

STEP FOUR: Batter 'em

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Place the yolks in a separate bowl and set them aside. Mix the bowl with the egg whites on high for about 2 minutes. Then add a tablespoon of the yolks, a tablespoon of flour and a pinch of salt. Continue mixing on high until the batter is stiff like a meringue. This will take about 6 or 7 minutes. TIP: While mixing the batter, be heating up your oil! Also, keep your mixture away from the heat as it will melt quickly. 

STEP FIVE: Fry 'em

Place a floured, stuffed chile in the batter and coat it gently. Lay it in the fryer. Add as many that can fit in the skillet without touching each other. When the bottom is golden brown, flip them on their other side. Use the stem to help keep them turned to one side with tongs. When that side is golden, take it out lay them on a paper towel and salt them up!

STEP SIX: Eat 'em

My family and I like to eat them wrapped up in my special fat girl refried beans and a tortilla. The beans are easy. I mix a few cans of refried beans together with one brick of cream cheese and a few splashes of whatever salsa I have in the fridge!! Don't forget to take the stem out and ENJOY!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a little bit about myself and vita pulchra est....

The first thing you must know about me is that I am super, eccentric, crazy, passionate person. I have so many interests that I never can stick to one thing longer than a few months without pursuing something new and equally as crazy as the last. Most would see this as a flaw, but I happen to LOVE being a half-ass jack of all trades! So when I was thinking about starting a blog, I was of course thinking of doing it on one specific topic or flavor of the month, as my mother-in-law and I like to call it. The current flavor was "beauty product reviews".....BRILLIANT...right?!?!?! Yeah......not so much. Eventually, I would tear down this blog and replace it with a new flavor of the month blog that would eventually be torn down as well....and the cycle would go on and on and on.....SO vita pulchra est is my outlet for everything and anything I'd like to share with y'all. From product reviews, beauty tips, recipes, music, celebrities and all things entertainment to my personal life, inspirations, pet peeves, goals, and obsessions. VITA PULCHRA EST is my limitless outlet of all things Kaitlin! Enjoy!